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Do you ever watch a movie and are wowed by the special effects? Do you ever look at magazines and wonder how they manipulate the photos? Do you enjoy expressing your out-of-the-box thinking through written, visual or audio works? If  you’re looking for a career where your creativity can shine, you will want to pursue your talents through the Career Pathways of Audio-Video Technology & Film (AVTF), Graphic Communications (Production) or Graphic Design at Marietta High School.

These Career Pathways fall under the Arts, A/V Technology and Communications Career Cluster that includes designing, producing, exhibiting, performing, writing or publishing multimedia content including visual and performance arts and design, journalism and entertainment services.

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Audio-Video Technology & Film (AVTF)* Career Pathway

Screens. Every day we are looking at screens – sometimes for fun and sometimes to learn – sometimes alone and sometimes in groups. But no matter who we are, we are constantly taking in a tremendous amount of visual information. The Audio-Video Technology & Film (AVTF) program at Marietta High School can help you to become a more-informed consumer of visual media, and teach you to produce your own. In this program you will learn how to capture moments using a variety of cameras and then put those together in powerful editing programs. But more than that, you will learn to tell stories. That is, after all, what this is all about. Read more ...

Graphic Communications Video
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Graphic Communications (Production)* Career Pathway

Everything from billboards, comic strips and magazines to toothpaste tubes and detergent boxes is a part of the graphic communications industry – the creative possibilities are endless. Work with a major corporation and collaborate on designs or even work for yourself as a freelancer. The Graphic Communications (Production) Career Pathway at Marietta High School will teach you to take an image, whether word, photograph or illustration, and reproduce it on a variety of materials from paper, cloth, metal, glass or plastic. Students gain experience in successfully completing the output processes of various projects including customer relations management, printing, finishing and binding. Read more ...

Graphic Design Video
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Graphic Design* Career Pathway

Graphic designers create visual concepts, by hand or with computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform or captivate consumers. The creativity of graphic designers can be seen almost anywhere you look, from books, magazines, and CDs to digital advertisements and innovative product packaging. Learn the art and business of design and rise to the challenges as a creative problem solver in the Graphic Design Career Pathway at Marietta High School. Students will learn to use art and technology to develop exciting computer-designed layouts. Read more ...