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Creating a Recipe for Your Future

Do you ever bite into a piece of cake and wonder what special ingredient makes it taste like a slice of heaven? Do you ever find yourself playing around with recipes, adding a touch of this and of that until your meal is perfect? Do you enjoy experimenting with spices from around the world to bring a little bit of Italian, Thai, French or Spanish to your kitchen? If so, the Culinary Arts Career Pathway at Marietta High School helps you discover cuisine from around the world and make a personal recipe for your future. Explore the “art” of cooking with interactive coursework that puts you in the kitchen and on a path of endless and exciting opportunities. Are you ready to have fun and get paid doing it?

Culinary Arts* Career Pathway

The Culinary Arts Career Pathway falls under the Hospitality & Tourism Career Cluster that includes careers relating to families and human needs such as restaurant and food/beverage services, lodging, travel and tourism, recreation, amusement and attractions. Read more ...