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Getting Ahead of the Game

Do you spend hours at the computer lost in the wide world of cyberspace? Do you ever wonder how animated 3D movies are made? Whether you are interested in motion pictures, videos, animation, video games or computer software, the Career Pathways at Marietta High School in Game Design, Programming or Web & Digital Design can propel you into the exciting world of creating, designing and producing interactive multimedia products and 3D animation. Discover the ins and outs of how 3D technology is used for film, broadcast and games by exploring the fundamentals of 3D modeling, storyboard creation, lighting and special effects.

These pathways fall under the Information Technology Career Cluster that includes building linkages in IT occupations for entry level, technical and professional careers related to the design, development, support and management of hardware, software, multimedia and systems integration services.

Game Design

Game Design* Career Pathway

Designers in the computer game industry understand and create 2D and 3D animation, storytelling, character development, audio and game technology. These same techniques are at work in training simulator systems, virtual shopping experiences, augmented reality and a number of other important career options. The Game Design Career Pathway at Marietta High School provides students with an understanding of the fundamental principles used at every stage of the game creation process,  Read more ...

Programming* Career Pathway

Computer programmers create, modify and test the code, forms and script that allow computer applications to run. They work from specifications drawn up by software developers and other individuals, most commonly in the computer systems design and related services industry and information services industry. The Programming Career Pathway at Marietta High School provides students with highly valued programming skills and experience, particularly knowledge of object-oriented languages and tools such as C++ and Java. Read more ...


Web & Digital Design

Web & Digital Design* Career Pathway

Information is valuable only when it is understood and utilized. The Web & Digital Design Career Pathway at Marietta High School shows you how to bring ideas to life through technology whether creating a hot web site, a training video or designing the latest computer game. Careers in web and digital communications involve creating, designing and producing interactive multimedia products and services, including the development of digitally-generated or computer-enhanced media used in business, training, entertainment, communications and marketing. Read more ...